[WEBINAR] Reopen Restaurants with Confidence: Ensuring Customers Feel Safe

Whether dine-in or carryout in the new environment, QSR and Fast Casual brands must take steps to ensure consumers feel safe when visiting their restaurants.

With no playbook for success, most brands are struggling to understand which health and safety policies will have the greatest impact on consumer confidence and how these additions will improve trust, loyalty, and profits. Even more challenging is measuring how consistently front-line staff are executing the new policies and procedures that keep customers and employees safe.

The stakes for getting this right are huge — with consumer tensions at an all-time high, QSR and Fast-Casual brands might get only get one chance to regain clientele … and reestablish their loyalty. Failure to deliver a positive and safe dining experience that meets consumer expectations and complies with local and state regulations will be costly and result in eroded trust, closed locations, and long-term damage to your brand’s reputation.

Executives, operators, and market researchers are invited to a complimentary webinar as we share highlights from our Health and Safety Attitudes and Attributes Survey and discuss how the upcoming Ipsos Consumer Health and Safety Index can help you solve these crucial business challenges in the competitive and dynamic QSR and Fast-Casual space.

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Speakers :

  • Christopher Koetting, Vice President, US, Mystery Shopping

  • Matt Knoeck, Senior Vice President, US