SIR Virtual Annual Conference

Ipsos is delighted to be taking part in the one-month long virtual series hosted by The Society of Insurance Research. The theme for this year’s event is “#SIR50 Position Now for Future Success: Gain Insights. Generate Ideas. Grow Influence". In 10 years, the insurance industry will not look like it does today. Customers expect a new experience that meets them where, when and how they decide. New technology and data are transforming the dynamics of this experience. And competitive pressures arising from these changes are forcing carriers to re-examine the foundations of their business models. Who will emerge as a leader in this new future?

Join Ipsos and our co-presenter on October 21 for a session that puts smart segmentation theory into action! Mark, Nancy and Andrea Clark of Western & Southern will review the dynamic design, execution and most importantly actionability around  Western & Southern Financial Group’s Attitudinal Segmentation research.

Learn how you can maximize the powerful combination of qualitative & quantitative insights to drive customer empathy - leading to more strategic and impactful marketing decisions. It’s time to rewrite your customer’s stories! For more about this session, please click here.  

Speakers :

  • Nancy Rembold, Moderator, US, Qualitative Admin

  • Mark Essery, Vice President, US, MSU - Research Consulting

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