SSP Conference: 20/20 Vision & Beyond

Join Ipsos at the 2020 Society of Sensory Professionals Virtual Conference, at which our experts will be presenting a paper exploring Biometric Measurement of Sensory Affective Response for Product Optimization.

In today’s world, the consumer sensory experience of a product matters more than ever. As the competitive environment is changing through the rise of e-commerce and increasing prices in production, products are facing new benchmarks. This is why clients are seeking ways to understand consumer affective reactions. Therefore, there is an industry interest on how to use new methods to get a better and truthful discrimination between product performance.

Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) is a sensitive measure of electrical conductivity of the skin when sweat glands are triggered by emotional stimulation. GSR may distinguish affective reactions during product test that only shows subtle differences in terms of self-reported response. Combining biometrics with quantitative and qualitative data paints a complete picture and brings the Total Understanding of the Consumer.

In this case, we collected both self-reported and GSR data on 90 individual interviews per product during the sensory experience of two beverages and two salty snacks, including touch, smell and taste, as well as during attitudinal questions in reference to attributes of the products.

The data indicates that GSR may help identify emotional arousal when not reported initially by respondents, helping researchers deep dive on a potential gap between the two.

Further questions to be tested on the added value of biometrics for product optimization are:

  • Does it increase discriminative power when survey responses do not show clear preference.
  • Can it identify experiences especially relevant or characteristic for a product in a category or optimization on the experience with a product.
  • Does it highlight attributes that are relevant to understand users’ perception of a product or that present an opportunity to gain advantage in the market.

Can’t attend? Read our case study to learn why biometrics might be key on product optimization:

For more details, please visit the SSP website.

Speakers :

  • Manuel Garcia-Garcia, PhD, Global Lead Neuroscience, Global Science Organization

  • Nikolai Reynolds, Global Head of Product Testing, Innovation, Germany