[WEBINAR] Sparking Interest: Electrification Preferences Post COVID

After our recent surge in COVID-19 cases, consumers are wary of activities and spending, but the American consumer is resilient and adapting as we wrap up summer 2020. We appear to be settling into our “new normal” but what impact does that have on electric vehicle preferences and desires? We continue to see a variety of auto manufactures sharing their upcoming BEV launches, but do consumers want them?

Join Ipsos for a complimentary mobility-sector webinar as we:

  • compare information from 2019 directly to 2020 to assess how the pandemic may have changed preferences and desire for them
  • provide our latest update on how transportation and vehicle intention preferences have changed from consumers in Sept 2020
  • share insights we’ve gleaned from markets like China, Brazil and in Europe as they progressed versus U.S
  • highlight learnings of the consumer mindset now compared to both July and April 2020

Don’t miss hearing Ipsos' John Kiser, SVP of Automotive & Mobility, and Mike VanNieuwkuyk, SVP of Automotive Advisory delve into the impact that COVID is having on electrification preferences among American consumers relative to the world.  

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Speakers :

  • John Kiser, Senior Vice President of Automotive & Mobility

  • Mike Vannieuwkuyk, Senior Vice President Automotive Advisory

Consumer & Shopper