[WEBINAR] Telemedicine Is Here to Stay… But in What Way?

Through the COVID-19 pandemic, the future of telemedicine has changed. Stakeholders across the healthcare space, including pharmaceutical manufacturers, must now account for this evolving treatment landscape. Companies must look to develop a deeper understanding of new patient journeys, support telemedicine usage amongst providers, and enable their products with appropriate support tools and programs to be successful in this new, telemedicine-enabled environment.

COVID-19 has shifted the paradigm of healthcare provision, turning medical visits that were once widely done in-person into a completely virtual experience for both physicians and patients. Telemedicine, which was slowly gaining traction in the U.S. healthcare system, saw a surge in utilization as providers scrambled to keep their offices and healthcare facilities open as state lockdowns ensued. Global Ipsos studies earlier in 2020 and recent interviews with key healthcare stakeholders indicate that telemedicine is here to stay… but the critical question becomes: in what way? Will it find a niche role in certain areas in the post-COVID landscape where it is as effective as in-person visits or will barriers, prove too significant to overcome for telemedicine to persist long term? And what does this mean to the Marketing and Sales strategies of Pharmaceutical and other Healthcare companies?

Join Ipsos’ healthcare experts for a complimentary webinar as we share highlights from our recent studies, including tips for marketers on a path forward. Attendees will hear more about:

  • Pre-COVID Telemedicine Landscape
    • Utilization levels
    • Pre-COVID drivers
    • Pre-COVID barriers
  • State of Telemedicine During COVID
    • Utilization levels
    • Addressing pre-COVID barriers
    • Barriers that still remain during COVID / Additional benefits discovered during COVID
  • Post-COVID Telemedicine
    • Strategic/Business plan considerations
    • Post-COVID drivers/barriers
    • Long-term outlook
    • Manufacturers’ considerations

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Speakers :

  • Alex Colborn, Account Manager, Health CS&F

  • Robert Rava, Senior Vice President, Health Custom

  • Nimit Bansal, Vice President, Health CS&F