[WEBINAR] Health & Safety Measures To #Stayprofitable

Despite pandemic fatigue, consumers continue to expect certain health and safety safeguards. Two in five people across the globe don’t see life “returning to normal” for at least another year. New results from Ipsos’ Consumer Health and Safety Index sees Whole Foods, Panda Express and Wells Fargo outperforming their competitors in several categories, including having health & safety related signage, store cleanliness, compliance with employees wearing protective gear, barriers to enforce distancing and availability of sanitizing options.

They’re doing it right – but not everyone is. Our Index reveals which health and safety measures consumers value most across key industries, as well as how individual brands within these industries are performing against these new standards. Between Waves 1 and 2, we polled 4,000 Americans and visited 10,000+ retail locations across 8 different industries between May and August 2020.

Join us for a complimentary webinar as we answer 3 key questions:

  1. How are consumer attitudes towards health & safety evolving?
  2. What are top performing industries and brands doing to keep consumers safe and returning to stores?
  3. What does the future of health & safety look like, and what can your  brand do to keep up?

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Speakers :

  • Shohini Banerjee, Senior Vice President, US, Mystery Shopping

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