[WEBINAR] Car Wars: When Will Autonomous Win the Race?

In a new year with new priorities from a new U.S. President, we have already heard about support for electrification and focus on the reduction of vehicle emissions. Last year COVID heightened the automotive consumer’s attention on safety, extending its definition of traditional crash protection, crash prevention, and personal security to now also include focus on a safe environment inside and outside of the vehicle. Is this still a concern going forward now that we are recovering from COVID? So much is changing, and at a very rapid pace.

Given this, what impact do we now see on other technologies such as fully autonomous vehicles and driver assistance features? How do connectivity technologies and services impact consumer interests? Which of these new vehicle offers will be in demand vs. remaining more “nice to have” among today’s consumers? Can full autonomous, a truly game changing technology, really take a lead position in the car wars race? Join us for a complimentary webinar to hear Ipsos’ Mike Vannieuwkuyk (SVP Automotive Advisory) and John Kiser (SVP, Automotive & Mobility) discuss the latest findings from our 2021 Mobility Navigator Module 1 syndicated program.

Why attend? Understanding these changing perceptions and insights is key to take advantage of future product opportunities in the US, China, Japan, Brazil and Germany. If you are interested in an overview of our 2021 Mobility Navigator offering, please click here.

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Speakers :

  • John Kiser, Senior Vice President of Automotive & Mobility

  • Mike Vannieuwkuyk, Senior Vice President Automotive Advisory

Consumer & Shopper