[WEBINAR] When will the vaccine cure your industry?

The vaccine likely will not be the economic cure-all everyone hopes for. It certainly won't solve everything at once, and its effects will take some time to ripple across industries.

Join Ipsos for a complimentary webinar in which we will present a potential timeline of vaccine acceptance, based on the latest Ipsos research, and project out into 2021 what the impacts will be on consumer behaviors, habits and values. We will examine public opinion about the vaccine, who is likely to take it and when, and what it might take to reach a critical mass of vaccinated population. Further, we'll project out what it might take to accelerate the process from the standpoint of encouraging adoption of the vaccine once it becomes widely available. 

Who should attend? Everyone monitoring the business impact of COVID-19 on their brand and bottom-line.

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Speakers :

  • Matt Carmichael, Vice President, Editorial Strategy, North America

  • Jason Brown, President, chief client officer, Ipsos