[WEBINAR] Why Social Progress Is Critical to Thriving Societies and Businesses

2020 has been a year of great social upheaval and the call to build back better echoes throughout all sectors of society – public and private – to match the collective aspiration for sustainable, inclusive growth with fundamental changes to the way we develop policies, target investments, and do business.

Where businesses land on the spectrum of sustainability largely depends on the direct pressures that they face. However whether businesses are acting proactively or reactively to these demands, the private sector is being challenged to address sustainability problems head-on and offer solutions that show real impact. To do so they must work in partnership with communities and governments to understand and address social progress and impact within the context of their business.

Join Ipsos and our special guests for a complimentary webinar featuring highlights from the recent Ipsos/Social Progress Imperative study illustrating why business should invest in meaningful social change, and how they can measure and understand their impact when they do.

Why should you attend? Smart companies have realized that doing business better by investing in the communities they work in can generate increased returns and boost competitiveness. That doing good while doing well is not just possible, but required if a business is to succeed.

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Speakers :

  • Kaitlin Love, Vice President, US, Public Affairs

  • Alexandra Scott, President, GETF/Project Last Mile

  • Benjamin Rimaud, Environmental & Social Officer, ECOM Agroindustrial Corp Ltd

  • Michael Green, CEO, Social Progress Imperative