[WEBINAR] Why Digital Readiness is Critical for Pharma Marketers

The digital data explosion experienced in the healthcare sector over the last several years is resulting in many organizations becoming smarter about its importance and how it’s applied to the enterprise. For example, the utilization of social and digital data has gone from what it was five years ago (which was highly siloed in PR or Marketing), to more of a business intelligence dataset that cuts across clinical and commercial organizations, and is being applied to business questions in all phases of the pharma product lifecycle, from pipeline to pre-launch, launch and product maturity. We call this digital readiness.

Join us for a complimentary webinar as Ipsos VP of Healthcare Digital Strategy Steve Reeves will take you through a pragmatic, detailed process for understanding how to think about digital readiness and the utilization of social and other digital data sources for insights gathering in healthcare. Learn how to most effectively harness both physician and patient-derived insights from online channels and how you can add an entirely new layer of meaning to your research.

In this webinar, Steve will cover:

  • How to assess your organization’s social & digital maturity
  • Understanding how to map the digital ecosystem for a therapeutic category and why it’s now table stakes for pharma marketers
  • Sizing up the competition – How to assess the online strategies & tactics of competing assets
  • The COVID effect – Increased adoption and utilization of digital channels by Physicians, and what you can do with the data

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Speakers :

  • Steve Reeves, Vice President, US, Healthcare Advisory

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