[EVENT] Affluent Survey 2019 Release Breakfast

We began our Affluent Survey over 40 years ago, because we understood that it’s crucial for businesses seeking to deliver growth and increased ROI to apply focus towards audiences and prospects with disproportionate value. Affluents are consistently the most powerful and influential audiences across industries, driving revenue, adoption of new technologies and experiences, and influencing purchases amongst their peers and network. Affluents control the lion’s share of U.S. household net worth and outspend non–affluents in virtually every spending category. Consequently, marketers of everything from automobiles to financial services, technology to media and travel to entertainment, rely on capturing both the share of wallet and share of mind of this critically important group.

Subscribers to the study are invited to an exclusive breakfast where Ipsos will present insights from the Fall 2019 Ipsos Affluent Survey - our 43rd release. The new release includes a number of new questions and analyses.

Not yet a subscriber? It’s not too late. Click here to contact us about subscribing, or registering to attend our annual release.

Speakers :

  • Michael Baer, Senior Vice President, Brand Marketing, Media Development, US

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