[WEBINAR] Bikes, Trains & Automobiles…What is the new normal in consumer mobility?

Although the chaos of the COVID pandemic is largely behind us, the impact on how we move around our world for both work and leisure is still unclear. In addition, technology has enabled the emergence of entirely new modes of mobility, including peer-to-peer “sharing” and subscription ownership models. 

Are options like sharing and subscriptions emerging as a new normal around the world OR does the more traditional combination of vehicle ownership and public transportation still hold sway?

Join us for a complimentary webinar as Ipsos’ automotive sector experts, Mike VanNieuwkuyk, John Kiser, and Chance Parker, share the latest research from our 2022 Mobility Navigator program focused on Shared Mobility. We will explore various topics including: Has the new normal increased the need and desire for shared mobility options? What mobility options are consumers using, and for what kind of trips? What are the perceived advantages and disadvantages of the various options for moving around our world? Why are consumers selecting the services they use, and foregoing the ones they don’t? How different is the mobility landscape in major urban areas around the globe vs. more suburban/rural areas?

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Speakers :

  • Mike VanNieuwkuyk, Senior Automotive Client Officer

  • John Kiser, Executive Vice President of Automotive & Mobility

  • Chance Parker, Vice President
    U.S. Automotive & Mobility Development, Ipsos

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