Marketing has never been more complicated. Wading through the flood of new technologies to stay ahead of the latest trends is a constant challenge for CMOs.

Increasingly, CMOs are seeking opportunities to gather together to debate the latest marketing trends.

That’s why Ipsos is delighted to be a sponsor of this year’s CMO Day featuring high-level content, disruptive solution providers, and enhanced networking opportunities.

Don’t miss hearing from Ipsos’ Oscar Yuan and Karen Wargo who will be running Workshop 7: Overcoming Incumbency – How Big, Established Brands Can Win in a World of Ankle-biters. In just about every industry, large established players are getting their share slowly eroded by smaller, more nimble brands. Whether you’re Gillette facing Dollar Shave Club, Macy’s having to fight Sephora in beauty, or Hertz dealing with a completely new model introduced by Uber, combatting these new players forces us to rethink what our true advantages are, and how to best leverage them. Oscar and Karin will discuss different strategies employed by companies who successfully navigated this challenge, and provide some key guiding principles that can help brands stay competitive against ankle-biters.

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