[WEBINAR] Driving Business in an Age of Uncertainty

Are you prepared for the ‘new normal’, while our world is being re-shaped by long-term cultural change driven largely by generational replacement?

Social media mentions of “angst” are up four-fold since 2015.  Americans are exhausted, and the exhaustion is something psychologically fundamental, stemming from the undermining of long-held norms which are now being constantly disrupted.  Many believe this disruption is temporary, and that with small course corrections, America will return to “regular order”. However, this is wishful thinking.

As business managers, how do you make sense of these changes? What does it mean for your brands, categories, and competitors?

Join us for a complimentary webinar as we discuss the societal and business challenges occurring due to three separate but interrelated trends that Ipsos has been studying: (1) the erosion of interpersonal and institutional trust; (2) increased tribalization; (3) the end of the white majority, and learn how these trends impact consumer behavior.

Register today. Space is limited. 

Speakers :

  • Mallory Newall, Director, US, Public Affairs

  • Melissa Kordik, Director, US, Ipsos Public Affairs