[RECORDING] Equality Lounge @ CES 2023

Ipsos is proud to partner with the FQ Equality Lounge, advancing equality together with other leading and forward-thinking brands.

This year, FQ Equality Lounge is returning to CES (and so is Ipsos) with its mission to advancing techquity alongside inspiring industry leaders and visionaries. Modern technology is poised to help solve the world’s most pressing issues – but as the industry continues to evolve and innovation, we must ensure women are accounted for and that everyone has a seat at the table.

The Power of Portraying Body Positivity in Media & Advertising [Jan 5 | 5:30pm]

Ipsos’ Lindsay Franke will join a discussion about the impact of accurate portrayals of women and girls in media. We’ll explore the power of body positivity. New research, real-life stories and case studies will demonstrate how consumers respond to marketing and media content featuring portrayals of body positivity and what you can do to improve your content creation efforts.

Screw the Ladder: Charting a New Path for Leadership in Tech [Jan 6 | 11am]

Women occupy less than 20% of the top tech jobs in the U.S., according to the nonprofit T200, and that number has stayed flat for the last five years. We know the talent is there, so what’s holding them back? This panel, featuring Ipsos’ Stephanie Bannos-Ryback, will reveal some of the reasons behind this gap and discuss effective strategies for women to put themselves on the C-suite fast track.

Female Gamers Are on the Rise: These Women are Helping the Industry Meet Them [Jan 6 | 3:30pm]

What does a gamer look like? Increasingly female, the research shows. Female gamers are a nuanced demographic, with varied motivations and interests in playing across the globe, as well as distinct challenges from their male counterparts. How is the industry rising to the occasion to create safe, joyful gaming experiences for their female users? Ipsos’ Becarren Schultz joins powerhouse women in the industry who are changing the game across the board.

The Auto Safety Concept That We Need to Talk About [Jan 6 | 4:30pm]

Airbags, seat belts, emergency brakes. These are the technologies that come to mind when we think of auto safety — and for good reason. But when it comes to keeping people (and women in particular) safe, our safety advancements must go beyond what's inside the car and extend to the surrounding areas. For example, how are we approaching safety when entering the exiting the car? In this conversation featuring Ipsos’ automotive sector expert, John Kiser, a group of innovators will share the ways they're making the roads safer for women, both in and outside of the car.

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At Ipsos, we are dedicated to researching issues of diversity and inclusion, including gender and intersectionality. Click here to access our library of thought leadership on this topic.



Speakers :

  • Stephanie Bannos-Ryback

    Stephanie Bannos-Ryback, Executive Vice President, Customer Experience

  • John Kiser, Executive Vice President of Automotive & Mobility

  • Lindsay Franke, President & Service Line Cluster Leader

  • Becarren Schultz, Vice President, Creative Excellence

Media & Brand Communication