[WEBINAR] The Future of Perennials and Connected Health/Wellness

Dispelling myths about aging and technology

With life expectancy rising and birth rates falling, Perennials are poised to become an even greater force in the future. While we need to decide how to care for those who need it, this over-65 age group is increasingly living life to the fullest. Instead of slowing down, they're taking on new challenges, roles and responsibilities. While they are not digital natives, they are more connected than we give them credit for. They're not withdrawing from life, but are demanding more – from life, marketers and policymakers. They are Perennials, and we need to change our attitudes towards them and gain a greater understanding of the opportunities they present.

Join us for a complimentary webinar featuring Ipsos' Global Head of Connected Health and HP's Head of Population Health Worldwide who will walk you through their insights into the future of health and aging, and the role technology will play in transforming tomorrow's health and wellness industry.

To dispel myths about today's aging society and its use of technology, we will explore:

  • Insights into current perceptions of aging
  • Challenges and opportunities for the healthcare industry
  • Examples and case studies demonstrating how connected health is transforming healthcare access and experience for the aging population

Some key takeaways

You will discover the potential for change brought about by technology and the capacity it has for revolutionizing how care for the elderly is delivered and how it can change the way this aging society is experiencing life. You'll see further demonstrations of how connected health and Perennials intersect, including examples from HP of innovative inroads for aging, such as the future of robotics, VR and remote monitoring to transform healthcare. By understanding the connection between healthcare and technology for Perennials, you can chart a path to success in your health and wellness business.

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Speakers :

  • Reena Sangar, Global Head of Connected Health, UK, Healthcare

  • Frances A. Ayalasomayajula, MPH, MSMIS, PMP, Head of Population Health Worldwide, HP

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