HFES International Meeting

Ipsos is delighted to have three presentations accepted to the 63rd International Annual Meeting of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society.

From theory to practice: Easing transitions from academia to industry

Rebecca Williamson, PhD, Ipsos
Ying Wang, PhD, Ipsos


  1. Jason Rogers, PhD, Ipsos
  2. Keven Swartout, PhD, Georgia State University
  3. Erin Tully, PhD, Georgia State University
  4. Olga Zielinska, PhD, Microsoft


Challenges and opportunities in developing next generation in-vehicle HMI systems

Chair: Rebecca Williamson, PhD, Ipsos


  1. Ying Wang, PhD, Ipsos
  2. Yu Zhang, Denso International America
  3. Bruce Mehler, MIT AgeLab
  4. Linda Huber, Ipsos/University of Michigan
  5. Rebecca Williamson, PhD, Ipsos

Methodological modifications when testing Machine Learning-enabled products: A preliminary theory

  1. Linda Huber, Ipsos/University of Michigan
  2. Rebecca Williamson, PhD, Ipsos

In her paper presentation, Ipsos’ Linda Huber, will discuss how machine-learning (ML) enabled products allow for an expanded set of user inputs and system outputs. Common examples of this include the ability to take natural language as an input, or to personalize feeds or recommendations (system output) based on the learned behavior of a user. Based on our experience conducting user experience research on ML-enabled products, we propose that this expanded set of inputs and outputs creates a different kind of user experience that must be accounted for in the methodology when testing these products. Specifically, we propose that researching ML-enabled products may require 1) more time for the user to explore or experiment with the product 2) a more nuanced accounting for user types and/or 3) more comprehensive prototypes or presentation of the product concept. To illustrate these adjustments, we present three examples of ML-enabled products we tested in the past few years and the methodological modifications required.

Our experts are dedicated to applying generative and evaluative human factors testing methodologies for physical and digital products. Contact us today for research translating customer and user inputs into user-centered design requirements.

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