[WEBINAR] The Future is Speed: How Reaction Time Reveals What People Truly Want

We know that consumer decision making is often subconscious and irrational (e.g. System 1 thinking). In many categories, consumers make decisions at the last second without more than a ‘gut feel’ or a ‘quick glance’ at a package, label, brand, shelf display, etc. This is the ‘moment of truth’ that traditional research techniques can sometimes miss.

Speed matters! Behavioral science tells us that a person’s commitment to a thought, idea, brand, etc. is linked to the speed at which they respond or make their choice. A quicker reaction indicates a stronger conviction of thought and choice.

DUEL is a behavioral testing method that uses an indirect measure of reaction time to uncover the subconscious response of consumers. We now have the ability to measure explicit (stated) preference along with implicit (subconscious) reaction time.

Join us for a complimentary webinar to learn more about DUEL and the wide variety of lottery & gaming specific cases for concept testing and idea screening.

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Speakers :

  • Scott Morasch, Vice President, Canada, Market Strategy & Understanding – Research

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