[WEBINAR] Ignite Excitement: Insights to Drive Toward Electrification

The auto industry is currently in the middle of one of the most significant disruptions in history: electrification. Rising fuel prices, increased focus on carbon emissions reduction, and even changes in driving habits due to the pandemic are propelling the industry away from traditional internal-combustion engine vehicles and toward zero-emissions electric vehicles.

Auto manufacturers have their foot on the figurative gas when it comes to bringing new EV models to market: in 2021, there were over 125 new hybrid and electric vehicle models, versus only about 50 internal combustion engine (ICE) models. Electric vehicles are being touted as “the future”, while traditional internal-combustion engine vehicles appear to be relegated to the PR scrap heap.

Considering all this, how do auto manufactures compete in the promising, but ultimately unclear world of EVs? What do consumers like about EVs? What are their concerns? Where is EV consideration growing? Do EV intenders follow-through when it comes time to make a purchase? What obstacles still need to be addressed? What do consumers know about, and more importantly, expect from charging options? Are EV buyers aware of special programs from utility companies, and do they use them? What can be learned from other markets like China and Germany?

Join us for a complimentary webinar as we reveal the interest for EVs, their advantages and drawbacks plus highlight trended insights on how these have changed over the last several years for the U.S. versus other key global regions. We will also look at the priority of features for an EV, range and charging time requirements, and price expectations across key segments leveraging fresh insights from our 2022 Mobility Navigator syndicated offering from 5 countries fielded in late April.

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Speakers :

  • John Kiser, Senior Vice President of Automotive & Mobility

  • Mike Vannieuwkuyk, Senior Vice President Automotive Advisory

  • Chance Parker, Vice President, US Quality Management

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