IIeX Behavior

Ipsos is delighted to be presenting at this year’s IIeX behavioral science conference.

Our topic (Wed Nov 7 @3:20pm) is a case study being co-presented with Pepsi. Don’t miss: Fit or Fad? Behavioral Science Informs Pepsi on Product Development!

As consumer preference evolves, there is a question as to if the coloring of added flavors (such as pink coloring for Cherry Pepsi or Cherry Mountain Dew) is beneficial, or not, or if PepsiCo should instead move to clear/colorless flavor shots. Though industry trends point to the removal of additional colors, perceptions and behaviors say differently. When evaluating two identical beverages in flavor, both quantitatively and with a qualitative follow-up, consumers strongly believe that the beverages differ in many ways showing up in appeal, aroma, sweetness, and purchase intent.

Three key takeaways:

  • In-Person Consumer research is critical, had Pepsi just followed trends that are booming in other categories, and blindly applied to this business question, there could have been a serious impact on sales. In person research, with actual products helps expose differences between abstractly stated preferences and actual in-context preferences.
  • Color matters, while consumers may say that color isn’t important and just a nice to have, actual behavior says differently.
  • Behavioral science principles can both explain and predict consumer responses to product changes.

For conference and registration details, please visit the IIeX website. As a friend and client of Ipsos, you are eligible to receive a 20% discount. Simply use the code SPEAKER20 when registering

Speakers :

  • Namika Sagara, Ph.D, President, NA, Ipsos Behavioral Science Center

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