[EVENT] IIeX Behavior

To better understand, measure, and predict consumer behavior, the world’s biggest, most successful brands are turning to the behavioral sciences and nonconscious measurement tools — and seeing results.

Join Ipsos’ Elissa Moses who will be speaking on November 8 (@9:20am) demonstrating how the brain processes sound and why it’s important to marketers. During her presentation Making Waves with Sounds, Elissa will share R+D research about how sound enhances potential engagement, cognitive processing and recall of advertising and marketing messaging. She will discuss the relative engagement power of sound vs visuals in advertising using facial coding and biometrics to measure engagement, and also the ability of spoken language to communicate emotional consumer content thus demonstrating how analyzing vocal pitch and patterns can provide insights and answers well beyond the intended response.

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Speakers :

  • Elissa Moses, Ipsos CEO, Global, Neuro and Behavioral Science Center

Consumer & Shopper