IIEX Health 2022

Ipsos and Novartis are excited to be presenting at IIEX Health – where industry professionals turn for the future of healthcare and pharma insights.

We are delighted to be co-presenting with Novartis’ Janie Vitlina. Don’t miss hearing our case study:

Novartis Unlocks the Future of Digital Insights:

PMR innovation in the renal ecosystem

November 10 | 4:40pm

It’s the age-old question: Where do patients and HCPs seek out information? So often the approach to get the answer has been a grab bag of survey responses and qualitative data that relies on stated responses and the memory of the respondents. In contrast, the Ipsos Healthcare Digital team and the Novartis lead for portfolio insights and market research innovation, Janie Vitlina, approached the question in a different way: How can we understand the interconnected web of information flow, who influences information flow, and how can we leverage this network to elevate our content? This new perspective on the traditional question opened the door to an innovative approach – online ecosystem mapping.

For more information, please visit the IIEX Health website or download our white paper.

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Speakers :

  • Steve Reeves, Vice President Social Intelligence Analytics

  • Ben Potter, Director, Digital Readiness, Ipsos

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