[WEBINAR] Activating the Laws of Growth with Behavioral Science

The laws of growth has called into questions many of the “known” assumptions of brand growth. This approach has provided a number of tenets to use to build your brand – such as being distinct and being top of mind. While there is growing acceptance that brands should do this, HOW to do so remains opaque.

Join us for a complimentary webinar exploring the basics of creating distinct brands. Using a combination of behavioral science best practices, case studies, and validated research we will explore:

  • why traditional differentiation strategies often fail
  • how to create brand elements (and products) that are truly distinct
  • how to drive mental availability, both short and long-term.

Across the range of topics, we will discuss direct application to your go-to-market strategy and ways to validate your efforts with market research.

Register today. Space is limited.

Speakers :

  • Jesse Itzkowitz, PhD., Senior Vice President and Behavioral Scientist, NA, Behavioral Science Center

Media & Brand Communication