Market Research Council Luncheon

Ipsos’ behavioral scientist, Jesse Itzkowitz, is delighted to be sharing his insight into How Behavioral Economics Is Changing Marketing and Marketing Research.

Consumer economics has always been one of the pillars of marketing and marketing research, but economics assumes consumers are rational beings. Behavioral economics has re-framed the study of consumer behavior recognizing that we are emotional beings. This changes everything!

How should brands consider behavioral economics in their positioning, advertising, pricing and promotion? How should research frame questions to get realistic answers? How should data scientists interpret Web behaviors to really understand consumer engagement?

On February 22, Jesse and his co-presenters will share three case-study presentations, followed by a salon-style discussion.

For more information, please visit the MRC website.

Speakers :

  • Jesse Itzkowitz, PhD., Senior Vice President and Behavioral Scientist, NA, Behavioral Science Center

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