NASPL Professional Development

Ipsos’ Lottery & Gaming experts are teaming up with clients to share strategic case studies.

Ipsos’ Scott Morasch will be joined by Tom Delacenserie, President and Chief Executive Officer, Kentucky Lottery Corporation, to share a case study illustrating The Value of Listening (July 23 @10:45am).

In May 2018, New Jersey was the first of the new band of states to legally offer sports betting. Given this, there is a great opportunity to look at New Jersey as a case study for other jurisdictions considering sports betting, and what it might mean for this new frontier, particularly in determining the impact on Lottery sales. In this presentation by Ipsos’ Jason Allsopp and BCLC’s Ryan Persaud, we share lessons learned on how the introduction of legal online sports betting impacted their lottery sales. Don’t miss their presentation, Legal Sports Betting One Year Later, on July 23 @3:30pm.

On July 24 @3:15pm, Paige Schoenfeld will share a generational perspective. The lottery, gambling and gaming market landscape is changing rapidly, and this is primarily being driven by those ages 18 to 53. Paige will explore the differences among the three core generations within that age range – Gen X, Y, and Z – and what these differences mean for lottery organizations. Topics cover consumer behaviors, all gambling and gaming participation and spend, the future of gaming, and motivations or barriers to play. She will also compare how these generations differ across borderlines – Canadians versus Americans.

Retailers are an essential part of the delivery chain for lotteries, and the business simply couldn’t survive without them. In this presentation, Scott and Tom will be discussing why it is important for lotteries to listen to their retailers, and how they can foster industry leading sales and servicing relationships. They will also discuss the various ways that lotteries can tap into retailer knowledge and feedback.

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Speakers :

  • Scott Morasch, Vice President, Canada, Market Strategy & Understanding – Research

  • Paige Schoenfeld, Associate Vice President, Canada, Market Strategy & Understanding-Research

  • Jason Allsopp, Vice President, Canada, Market Strategy & Understanding-Research

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