Neuromarketing World Forum

Why do people buy? What moves them and makes them click? Ipsos’ Manuel Garcia-Garcia and Ornella Godard are pleased to be speaking at the NMWF conference empirical evidence towards a new model of dynamic decision-making. During the presentation, they will cover:

  • The inadequacy of current Dual Process theories
  • How Ipsos partnered with academic experts to develop an adaptive decision-making model that adopt a more holistic view on decision making
  • Presentation of a new database with emotional stimuli to deepen the understanding of neuroscience & biometric responses in the decision making 

To learn more about this conference, please visit the NMWF website. 

Speakers :

  • Manuel Garcia-Garcia, PhD, Global Lead Neuroscience, Global Science Organization

  • Ornella Godard, PhD, Global Neuroscience Activation Director, Global Science Organization

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