[WEBINAR] ‘Healthy’ Positioning That Changes Behavior

Join us for a timely webinar as we will discuss the three requirements for positioning with the power to change behavior in healthcare, as well as innovative research techniques to uncover the insights that matter – both qualitatively and quantitatively. We will also share tips for achieving stakeholder buy-in along the way for prompt actionability.

Within our discussion, Ipsos Healthcare positioning and research experts will address questions we often hear from our clients, including:

  • Why has laddering up the brand pyramid taken so many healthcare brands to predictable, undifferentiated spaces – and how can I avoid that?
  • How do I choose between patients and physicians as my primary target, when both are important to treatment decisions?
  • How can I deeply understand physicians’ own tensions and unmet needs in a particular therapeutic area, to inform positioning that will disrupt the current treatment algorithm and prompt trial of my new drug?
  • What is the best way to assess a range of possible positioning territories and arrive at the optimal positioning strategy?

We look forward to sharing these insights with you.

To access the recording, please click here.

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Speakers :

  • Michele Drennen, Qualitative Research Strategist, Qualitative Techniques and Moderation Expert

  • Scott Morano, SVP, Ipsos Healthcare

  • Earlene Worrall, Partner, Ipsos Healthcare Advisory, Positioning Strategy Expert

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