[WEBINAR] Rapid Response Advanced Analytics

Have you asked yourself recently…

  • “What’s important to my customers?”
  • “What message is going to resonate with my stakeholders?”
  • “What combination of features will maximize participation?”
  • “Can I charge a premium for this feature?”
  • “How do I build a better product?”

Ipsos can help answer your business questions with advanced analytics solutions using a high quality, affordable and fast-turnaround market research platform.

Join us for a complimentary webinar as we show you how to use advanced analytics tools in your market research surveys. We’ll highlight some of the most commonly used solutions, such as MaxDiff, TURF and Discrete Choice modules. The webinar includes a case study on “Planning a Vacation” that will showcase how advanced analytics were used to dig deeper into the data. Come away with a good understanding of how and when to use these tools, as well as how you can achieve a greater level of findings from your surveys.

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Speakers :

  • Negar Ballard, Senior Account Manager, US, Ipsos Public Affairs

  • Michael Gross, Vice President, US, Ipsos Science Center

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