[WEBINAR] Recession-Proof: Will Affluents’ Outlook on 2023 Provide Solace or Worry?

When you control the vast majority of wealth in the country, people pay attention to your every move. The sheer force of Affluent Americans impacts markets both here and abroad since on average they outspend non-affluent American households by more than 2 to 1. With 2022 in the rear-view mirror, how are these power-spenders thinking about the road ahead? Will they continue to spend at higher levels or will they possibly pull back in reaction to higher costs and world events.

Please join Tony Incalcatera, Chief Research Officer and Jesse Peretz, Research Director of Ipsos Affluent Intelligence present findings from our latest research on Affluents’ reflections on the past year, predictions for 2023, and what it means for marketers. 

Among other things, webinar attendees will hear more about:

  • Affluents’ expectations for their lives, finances, and hopes for the coming year
  • How their outlook on the U.S. economy will impact the economic recovery
  • The product and service categories that can expect growth – and at whose expense
  • Which issues concerns Affluents the most and how they may influence their spending

The Ipsos Affluent Survey USA has been keeping tabs on the highest earning households for almost five decades, and our adjunct Barometer series has been running since 2009. Combined, these two sources of information provide the most comprehensive view of the people who spend the most across virtually every category and are the least affected by rising prices.

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Speakers :

  • Tony Incalcatera, Chief Research Officer

  • Jesse Peretz, Director of Ipsos Affluent Intelligence

Consumer & Shopper