[WEBINAR] Seeing Through New Eyes

When it comes to understanding people today, surface level discussions often fail to uncover the real truth. So when we set out to reveal the reality of middle class American families, we went deep — sending in experts from Ipsos’ Ethnography Center of Excellence (ECE) to immerse themselves with families, and tapping into the Ipsos Behavioral Science Center to interpret findings.

Join us for a complimentary webinar featuring U.S. ECE leader, Liza Walworth, and behavioral scientist, Jesse Itzkowitz PhD, to see why clients ranging from financial services, to healthcare, to CPG are leveraging the combination of ethnography and behavioral science to illuminate a path to growth in today’s complex world.

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Seeing Through New Eyes: understanding real life through the combined lens of behavioral science and ethnography

Speakers :

  • Jesse Itzkowitz, PhD., Vice President and Behavioral Scientist, NA, Behavioral Science Center

  • Liza Walworth, Vice President, Head of US Ethnography Center of Excellence

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