[WEBINAR] Shake Things Up with Behavioral Science

Behavioral science tells us that our decisions are not always rational. Instead of carefully considering and comparing products and their features, we often choose automatically – without thoughtful evaluation. These habitual and routine decisions are largely driven by nonconscious triggers (or cues) that encourage us to behave in ways that we have previously been rewarded for.

Please join us for a complimentary webinar where we will share our guiding principles behind habitual and automatic behavior. Using the Ipsos Habits Framework and a number of best-practice examples, we will show you how to create triggers that drive automatic behavior (the set of actions that have potential for habit formation), and how to create powerful rewards that reinforce long-term behavior.

If you are looking to shake up existing consumer routines or to help them establish new ones, this webinar is a must-attend.

Register Now: Shake Things Up with Behavioral Science

Speakers :

  • Namika Sagara, Ph.D, President, NA, Ipsos Behavioral Science Center

  • Jesse Itzkowitz, Vice President and Behavioral Scientist, Ipsos Behavioral Science Center, Ph.D

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