[EVENT] The Smart Home and the “Affluencer”

The “Affluencer” is an ultra-influencer who has spending power, expertise, is an early adopter, and shares their discoveries with their network. And in no category is the Affluencer more relevant than technology.

Subscribers to our annual Ipsos Affluent Survey USA are eligible to attend an exclusive breakfast forum featuring insights into the rapidly emerging Smart Home Technology segment. We will be presenting intelligence from our recent study, with implications on the future of the category and opportunities for media and brands. The presentation will be followed by a round-table/Q&A with experts (TBA). Topics covered include:

  • Penetration of smart home devices:  We’ll discuss current purchase dynamics, as well as expectations/forecasts for the immediate future. 
  • Utilization: What are the current and future uses for these devices - when Affluents call for Alexa, what are they asking her to do and why?
  • Attitudes towards home tech:  Does smart home technology provide comfort or cause concerns about privacy? 
  • Sources of information: Affluents get inspired and educated about new technologies from many sources – which ones do they rely on most?
  • Industry leaders: We’ll reveal the companies Affluents perceive as leaders when it comes to creating the best home technology devices.

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Speakers :

  • Michael Baer, Head of Audience Measurement/Ipsos Affluent Intelligence

  • Tony Incalcatera, Senior Vice President, US, Audience Measurement

Media & Brand Communication