[WEBINAR] The Future of Omnichannel Retail

Join Ipsos for a complimentary webinar during which we’ll share our version of the future of research, previewing the shape of things to come in our increasingly databased omnichannel retail world. Examples will include P2P insights across a wide range of categories - from beverages to tech to fashion to OTC to auto to finance - to showcase how cutting edge brands are throwing away their traditional techniques and weaving behavioral science with faster, higher tech solutions to better understand, and more importantly, predict all things shopper.

Key learnings:

  • Clear understanding of how the P2P insights game is changing faster than we can spell shopper
  • Pragmatic hands on advice for rethinking your world of shopper insights
  • Very actionable recommendations on how to gain the right insights, better, faster and for greater actability at retail

All levels will benefit from this refreshing take on ways to better learn about tomorrow's shoppers - instore, online and along the way – so register today!

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Speakers :

  • Alison Chaltas, Global President, Path to Purchase, Ipsos

  • Mark Berry, Executive Vice President, US, Ipsos Marketing

Consumer & Shopper