[WEBINAR] The Future of Stakeholder Forecasting

Join Ipsos for a complimentary webinar to learn how tracking sentiment of Veteran Affairs related issues across time can help stakeholders make informed data driven decisions.

Ipsos together with the UVA Center for Politics created Political Atlas, an interactive forecasting tool that provides multiple independent data sources empowering visitors to reach their own conclusions during the 2018 midterm elections. The site is updated daily with the key issues affecting citizens in all 50 states, along with poll and social media indicators for every congressional, senate, and gubernatorial race in the country, with expert assessments. Since its rollout in August 2018, the tool has been used by over 60,000 visitors from 132 countries. Using this same infrastructure, Ipsos can retrieve information and opinions that are valuable to a wide range of Federal Clients. During this session, we will showcase Political Atlas to illustrate how it can be used to assess public opinions on trending topics such as the MISSION Act, Access, and Veteran Suicide.

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Speakers :

  • Chris Jackson, Vice President, US, Public Affairs

  • Mark Polyak, Senior Vice President, Ipsos US, Public Affairs

    Mark Polyak is a Senior Vice President at Ipsos US Public Affairs and director of Risk Analytics Division (RAD). As head of RAD, Mark is responsible for developing technology solutions for complex emergency response planning and operations and geopolitical forecasting. He has pioneered and developed several technology approaches and remote assessment methodologies for rapid assessments in Fragility Conflict Violence (FCV) setting, including in 16 countries for World Bank, UN and other multi-lateral international organizations. During the recent Ebola crisis, he was responsible for providing daily Ebola situational updates, forecasting and modeling for Department of Defense and our Allied Partners.

  • Sarah Saxton, Vice President, US, Public Affairs