TMRE: The Market Research Event

The Market Research Event is the global stage for advancing the business value of insights and consumer research and its profound impact on the future health of a business. For over twenty years, thousands of the world’s smartest, most innovative researchers and visionary thinkers have come together at the annual TMRE flagship event for cutting edge knowledge exchange and as a forum for learning what’s new, next and critical to your business.

This year, Ipsos’ Amy Boscarillo and Staples' Diana Gabbard and Tricia Quinn will join the main stage on November 14th [10:45am]. Don’t miss out hearing about How Staples Leveraged Agile Community Insights to Serve Small Business Owners and the Learning Community in a Rapidly Changing Environment.

As small businesses, teacher and parents reeled from the fallout of the coronavirus pandemic, Staples needed a way to immediately understand and respond to the struggles and needs of these key customer bases. To do this, Staples partnered with Ipsos to transform their online community into a pipeline of agile insights that provided an essential touchpoint for strategic discovery and collaboration during this critical time. In this session, hear firsthand how they used innovative community engagement methods and research techniques to inform and implement strategies to help small business owners and learners navigate through the upheaval and stay better equipped in a post-pandemic economy.

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Speakers :

  • Amy Boscarillo, Director, Ipsos Online Communities

  • Diana Gabbard, Director of Customer Insights, Staples Retail

  • Tricia Quinn, Manager of Customer Insights, Staples Retail