[WEBINAR] Digital Doctor 2020: Perspectives on digital & connected health

Digital Doctor 2020 | Ipsos | Webinar

Running since 2015, Ipsos’ Digital Doctor is one of the largest studies of its kind covering digital and connected health. Comprising 21 countries, the survey explores 1,700 Doctors’ views, behaviors and attitudes to digital communication channels, use of wearables, apps to obtain patient-generated health data, telehealth and the role of virtual care, digital therapeutics and much more.

Join our complimentary webinar to listen as Ipsos’ Connected Health experts review the results of Digital Doctor 2020. This year’s report marks the most exciting in the series thus far, covering a comprehensive look into the digital transformation of healthcare:

  • Which digital channels are Doctors engaging with, and where should future investments be focused?
  • How many Doctors are actively using telehealth solutions and/or recommending digital solutions to patients?
  • Do Doctors have an understanding of digital therapeutics (DTx) and are they willing to prescribe them?
  • What outcomes are expected of digital & connected health?

The few years since Ipsos’ last Digital Doctor survey in 2017 have been totally transformative, with new reimbursement codes introduced for patient-generated health data review, the rise of telehealth providers and multiple new digital therapies with FDA/NICE clearance now on the market.

Digital Doctor 2020 marks a milestone to observe and learn from Doctors working on the front line in primary care: How they feel about all the new tools available to them? What will help them in the future?

Glean these valuable learnings and many more by joining the launch of Ipsos’ much-anticipated Digital Doctor survey. If you can’t attend live, please register to receive the recording!

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Speakers :

  • Reena Sangar, Global Head, Connected Health, Ipsos

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