[WEBINAR] Future of Fintech: What to Expect in 2020

The blistering pace of innovation in the fintech space -- driven by continually evolving consumer expectations, complicated by competitive interactions as well as synergies between incumbents and various challengers, and fueled by ever-increasing funding (witness the explosion of unicorns!) -- makes it an exciting space to be involved in and to track but also presents particular challenges for marketers and product developers looking to predict the future landscape.

Join us for a complimentary webinar to hear what you can expect in the fintech space in 2020. We will talk through fintech trends Ipsos has been following closely, plus share case studies of successful fintechs from a consumer perspective to illustrate where we see the paths of fintechs, banks, insurers, and big tech converging. Ultimately, we will identify trends to watch for and outline implications for various players in the fintech space - and look to advance the ongoing discussion on this fascinating topic.

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Speakers :

  • Christopher Palmer, Account Manager, Ipsos Insight US

  • Sanjay Ponnaiya, Senior Vice President, Ipsos US

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