Five Future Disruptors: And Implications for Healthcare Market Research

The time is now to address future “disruptors” – trends that are affecting all industries – and identify those trends that will impact pharma particularly. Because these trends are starting to affect the way consumers and citizens view the industry, it means that the research you do may have to happen in new ways to be effective and efficient.

Join us for a complimentary webinar, and follow two of our experts in innovation and futures as they guide you through each of five disruptors, the implications for pharma and explore innovative market research solutions for each. This virtual playbook will help you navigate the complexities of the future.

The five disruptors we will focus on include:

  • micro knowledge
  • gamified experience
  • augmented intelligence
  • changing authorities
  • no shame identities

Some key takeaways from the session:

You will learn what your team should prepare for in dealing with the demand for personalized data. You’ll gain an understanding of the rules for doing research in a world that is becoming experiential more quickly, even in new categories. You’ll discover what AI means for market research and how you can be seen as an authority in the way you conduct your market research. And, with the need to respond with keen understanding to the trend towards acceptance of diversity and more authenticity, you will gain new insights into how to capture authentic insights from customers.

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Speakers :

  • Whitney Wells, Digital & Innovation Lead, UK, Healthcare

  • Sarah Castell, Head of Futures, Ipsos MORI

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