[WEBINAR] What the Future: Music

Tech is influencing music in myriad ways, from how artists create it, to how fans discover it, to how we view performances live – or virtually. And yet what’s not changing is the vital role it plays in our lives, from entertainment to mental health.

Join us for our next What the Future webinar as its chief Editor, Matt Carmichael, takes you through original data, research and thinking behind our What the Future Music issue. You’ll hear from a phenomenal slate of players:

  • Billboard chart toppers, Glass Animals from the band perspective
  • Pepsi’s Catherine Carter on the sponsor side of things
  • AEG’s Marisol Segal on the future of live events.
  • KEXP Seattle DJ John Richards on the human connection with music
  • Industrial Light and Magic’s Ben Morris on virtual ABBA!
  • And VNCII, aka Sami Tauber, your new favorite metaverse artist

Be sure to listen in. This one’s gonna rock. Literally.

To access the recording, please click here.

Speakers :

  • Matt Carmichael, What the Future editor and head of the Ipsos Trends and Foresight Lab