Intellus Worldwide is the home-base for health insights and analytics professionals, including global manufacturers and service providers within pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical device and diagnostics. That’s why Ipsos is excited to be taking part in their annual conference, with a dedicated focus on Succeeding Through Transformation.

Be sure to join us for our presentation, Modeling the Impact of Patient and HCP Influence on Prescribing Behavior and Informing Audience-specific Marketing Spend [April 10 | 4:10pm].

Featuring Jeff Wasserman and Varsha Eluri, expect to hear more about how much influence do physicians and patients have in the decision to prescribe a treatment? The Ipsos Healthcare experts will present Multi-Agent Interaction Modeling (MAIA) and demonstrate how MAIA is being applied to provide marketers with a more accurate measurement of each stakeholder’s role in the decision to grant a prescription.

To join us, please click here for event and registration details.

For a deep dive into this material, be sure to download our detailed paper. 

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Speakers :

  • Jeff Wasserman, Senior Vice President

  • Varsha Eluri, Partner, Advisory Services