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International Research

Ipsos has conducted years of global research work in international trends. Supported by established products and backed by a global network of Ipsos experts, we are uniquely designed to help support the needs of the public and private sectors, agencies, organizations, and governments.

Client context

  • Understanding and analyzing citizen-consumer behaviors and attitudes across countries and cultures.
  • Tracking the evolution of issues over time.
  • Understanding business and investment environments.
  • Pre-testing, tracking and evaluating multi-country communication campaigns.
  • Influencing and working more effectively with stakeholders and opinion leaders, by understanding their views.
  • Multi-country program evaluations in the developed and developing world.

Our Solutions

Ipsos’ wealth of opinion data enables our clients to set their findings in context — from our monthly Global Advisor survey of citizen attitudes across 25+ countries, through to specialist teams who design and manage complex custom multi-country social research studies using the full range of quantitative and qualitative approaches. our in-house normative databases of stakeholder and citizen perceptions. 

Our international research team are experts in designing and managing complex multi-country social research studies using the full range of quantitative and qualitative approaches. Our global network spans 89 countries and has fieldwork capabilities in almost every country in the world.

With experienced international research experts, leading edge coordination tools and in-house methodological expertise, we provide our clients across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors with high quality data from almost any country in the world.

Syndicated research

Ipsos Global Advisor is a monthly, online survey reaching 19,000 people in 25+ countries around the world.

Global Advisor is used to provide data for both Ipsos syndicated reports and custom client research projects.  A totally flexible tool, it can be specifically tailored to your needs - whether you want to ask a single question or explore a broader range of issues, cover all 27 countries or just a handful of them.

Every month, Global Advisor reaches 63% of the global population and countries representing 82% of the world’s GDP.

Countries and sample size:  N=1,000:  Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Spain, and the United States.

N=500:  Argentina, Belgium, Chile, Hungary, India, Israel, Mexico, Malaysia, Peru, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, and Turkey.

Schedule: Questions are due on the 2nd Wednesday of every month and the data is delivered the 2nd Friday of the following month.

Learn more about Ipsos Global Advisor

Ipsos Global Advisor Express

Ipsos Global Advisor Express offers rapid response global research with a five business day turnaround. Our dedicated team will oversee your online survey ensuring Global Advisor Express provides answers for your immediate research needs, even without a custom research budget. Launched every Tuesday, surveys are fully translated, fielded in up to 15 countries, each with 1,000 completes and data is delivered the following Tuesday. Any device agnostic survey with a minimum of 5 questions and maximum limit of 25 questions is eligible for Global Advisor Express. Learn more about Global Advisor Express.

Global syndicated reports

Global Consumer Confidence Index – a monthly measure of consumer attitudes on the current and future state of local economies, personal finances, savings, and confidence to make large investments.

The Economic Pulse of the World - This monthly  Global Advisor report examines citizens’ assessment of the current state of their country’s economy for a total global perspective.

What Worries the World - What Worries the World is a bi-monthly examination of citizen opinion of country direction and issues of most concern around the world.

Custom research solutions

Ipsos routinely conducts quantitative and qualitative general population studies, as well as targeted and elite studies, around the world. Our track record of delivering complex cross-national research studies is unrivalled. In recent years we have successfully completed large-scale studies on behalf of numerous clients, for global and country level organisations including international financial institutions, UN agencies, international and multilateral institutions and agencies, international foundations and NGOs, academic institutions, and other organisations with an international focus.

Case studies

An international association used Global Advisor to survey working citizens’ in 20+ countries about their attitudes toward moving for employment purposes. The results generated excellent recognition for the organization as well as promoting them as an internationally recognized player in their sector.

An international not-for-profit network used Global Advisor to survey citizens in 24 countries annually for their opinions on emerging threats around the world. The results are used to track citizen concerns year over year and provide context for governments and others to know what their citizens are thinking.

A major energy provider measured top issues of concern each month in order to better inform their business operations.

A government department responsible for administering overseas aid measuring the economic and social costs of violence against women and girls in low and middle-income countries. The study provided new empirical and evidence research on the economic and social costs of VAWG to inform public and social policy in the realms of legal provisioning, health and social support services as well as shifting the social norms that underpin violence against women.

A financial institution survey exploring the views of the Roma and the non-Roma in CSEE countries, as a first step in improving the lives of the Roma by understanding the attitudes and perceptions that prevent their integration into wider society.