Ipsos eNation U.S. Omnibus

Measuring American public opinion and consumer attitudes daily. Combine the power of the web with the proven advantage of Ipsos Omnibus surveys and get the answers you need.

Client context

Every business day, Ipsos fields a new wave of the Ipsos eNation US Omnibus, a nationally representative online survey that measures the attitudes and opinions of 1,000 adults across the U.S..

Professional research staff can provide expertise in the development and/or fine-tuning of survey questions. Additional research services such as an executive summary, a full written report, custom banners (demos), or public release of survey findings are also available.

Our Solutions

Why choose the Ipsos eNation US Omnibus?

The Ipsos eNation US Omnibus is ideal for:

  • Opinion polling
  • Awareness and usage surveys
  • Advertising awareness (pre and post)
  • Trend forecasting
  • Incidence checks
  • Testing graphic and video concepts
  • Media releases


Choose your sample size (1,000 or 2,000* adults across the United States) and have your questions ready to go and confirmed with us by 11 a.m. EST on any business day and you'll have closed ended data tables three business days later.

What do I receive?

We cross tabulate your data against two standard demographic banners.

In addition, we can provide you with:

  • Customized banners
  • Written data analysis
  • Formatted data files (SPSS, Excel, ASCII)

How is the information collected?

Data for the Ipsos eNation US Omnibus are collected through random sampling of our 800,000+ member national online panel. The Ipsos online panel is recruited and maintained utilizing double and triple opt-in screening processes to ensure maximum return from an engaged audience.

Both the survey invitation list and returned data are weighted to reflect the demographic composition of the U.S. adult population.


Pricing is based on the number and type of questions as well as sample size. Please call us for a quote.

Case studies

A public relations firm used the Ipsos Omnibus to generate data for an industry/association on internet security. The data helped provide a compelling story and raise awareness for an upcoming conference. As a result, conference attendance almost doubled from the prior year.

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