Ipsos Global Omnibus

The Ipsos Global Omnibus delivers the answers to your questions – from across the country to around the world – on a convenient, reliable schedule.

Client context

Never has reaching out to the world been this easy. You choose the countries you want to survey in, and our professional research staff will take care of the rest. With capabilities in 68 countries, from Argentina and Austria to Venezuela and Vietnam, the Ipsos Global Omnibus provides the answers you're looking for in a frequent, convenient and reliable schedule.

Our Solutions

Our international expertise ensures that all data is collected by Ipsos staff, with results delivered by key regional and demographic breakdowns. Your detailed data tables will be delivered in a format that is the same or similar for every country on your list.

And of course, if you're only interested in results from a specific portion or segment of the general population, we can take care of that too.

Share the vehicle, not the results

Think of an omnibus survey as your research carpool. You save money by sharing the vehicle (the survey), going to a common destination (respondents in your target countries). The individual question results however, are confidential and only available to you. It's a cost effective shared vehicle for getting the answers you need at a fixed price.

What can an Omnibus Survey be used for?

Our clients use the Ipsos Global Omnibus to:

  • Test advertising campaigns
  • Set benchmarks and measure awareness and usage of brands and services
  • Profile demographics and estimate market share
  • Gauge public opinion on a variety of issues
  • Forecast trends and track reactions and opinions on specific issues

How is the data collected?

Data is collected via telephone (or face-to-face where telephone surveying is not available). Our team of professional interviewers, supervisors and field coordinators ensure the rapid collection and tabulation of data, producing consistent, high quality results.

You have the option of fielding in just one, or any combination of countries.

Additional Research Services

Have questions about your questions? Our professional research staff can provide expertise in the development and/or fine tuning of survey questions. Additional research services, such as oversamples, an executive summary, a full written report, custom banners, or public release of survey findings are also available. Please call us for pricing and possibilities.

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