Ipsos Mobile eNation Omnibus

Measuring opinions and attitudes through smartphones and tablets.

Client context

Ipsos Mobile eNation Omnibus research allows you to reach U.S. mobile users quickly and affordably. Every day, more and more consumers turn to their smartphones and tablets for the latest news and information. Only Ipsos Mobile eNation Omnibus technology can assure you are reaching these influential and knowledgeable consumers directly from their mobile device.

Our Solutions

Why use the Ipsos Mobile eNation Omnibus?

The Ipsos Mobile eNation Omnibus is uniquely driven by cutting edge technology that ensures only respondents using a mobile device reach the survey.

Mobile eNation Omnibus is an ideal tool for:

  • Gauging public opinion and reactions from social leaders
  • Reaching respondents who are constantly in touch with news and information
  • Reaching respondents most likely to influence their peers about brands, companies, products, and services
  • Crisis communications planning
  • Technology issues

It's daily

Every business day, Ipsos fields a new wave of the Mobile eNation Omnibus. Have your questions ready to go and confirmed with us by 11 a.m. EST on any business day and your data is delivered two days later for 500 respondents or four days later for 1,000 respondents.

It's high tech

Setting the Mobile eNation Omnibus apart from other mobile research is the cutting-edge technology that drives it, the router. The router specifically targets respondents based on their method of survey completion, guaranteeing that only those responding on a mobile device reach our surveys.

Mobile surveys are ideal for:

  • Short survey with straightforward questions, one question consists of a five-point scale of up to five multi punch responses
  • Displaying graphics but not video
  • Open-end questions when concise responses expected
  • Allowing surveys to be completed anytime, anywhere

How do I receive my data?

Clients receive data tables broken down by three demographic variables: age, gender and region.


A minimum of five questions is required to book space on the Mobile eNation Omnibus. Pricing is determined by sample size (500 or 1,000 respondents, 18-64 years) as well as the number and type of questions.

Case studies

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