Ipsos Overnight eNation US Omnibus

If you're dealing with an emerging issue, you can't always wait a week to get the pulse of public opinion. Need answers tomorrow? Use the Ipsos Overnight eNation U.S. Omnibus today.

Client context

The Ipsos Overnight eNation U.S. Omnibus is an ideal survey instrument to gauge public opinion and reaction to issues, plan crisis communications and get a handle on emerging issues.

Professional research staff can provide expertise in the development and/or fine-tuning of survey questions. Of course, additional research services such as an executive summary, a full written report, custom banners (demos), or public release of survey findings are also available.

Our Solutions

Why use the Ipsos Overnight eNation U.S. Omnibus?

The Ipsos Overnight eNation U.S. Omnibus is ideal for:

  • Gauging public opinion and reactions to specific issues
  • Crisis communications planning
  • Development and understanding emerging concerns
  • Attitude, usage, and awareness of brand and services as well as message testing


Choose your sample size (500 or 1,000 respondents) and have your questions ready to go and confirmed with us by 11 a.m. EST on any business day and you'll have closed ended data tables by 4 p.m. EST the next business day.

Open-ended question data usually follows one day later.

How do I receive my data?

Clients receive detailed data tables with responses to their questions broken down by key regional and demographic variables such as age, gender, household income, region and more.

How is the information collected?

Data for the Ipsos Overnight eNation U.S. Omnibus are collected through random sampling of our 800,000+ member national online panel. The Ipsos online panel is recruited and maintained using double and triple opt-in screening processes to ensure maximum return from an engaged audience.

Both the survey invitation list and returned data are weighted to reflect the demographic composition of the U.S. adult population.


Pricing is based on the number and type of questions as well as sample size. Please call us for a quote.

A minimum of four questions is required to book space on the Ipsos Overnight eNation U.S. Omnibus.
Please note we can only accommodate a maximum of ten questions per wave.

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