Marketing Management Analytics (MMA)

Marketing Management Analytics (MMA) is focused on helping companies apply predictive analytics to plan, execute, forecast and optimize their brand portfolios, marketing, pricing and product innovation investments.

Client context

We help our clients measure and improve business and marketing performance through integrated analytics, actionable insights and expert advice producing billions of dollars in incremental value for them:

  • Commercial Effectiveness
  • Marketing Mix Modeling & ROI
  • Full Customer Attribution
  • Promotion Effectiveness
  • Sales Force Optimization
  • Customer Segmentation Analytics
  • Pricing Strategy Analytics
  • Brand Funnel & Customer Pathway
  • Forecasting
  • Data Management
  • Software & Decision Support

Our Solutions

Marketing Management Analytics (MMA) leverages “big smart data” and predictive analytics in concert with its leading assimilation and consultative processes in order to create consistent, repeatable transformational value across all industry verticals.

Our solutions are built on a foundation of proven data management expertize, expert analytic methodologies and approaches, experienced consultative problem-solving skills, cutting edge tools and technology, a commitment to quality-delivered and deep knowledge of our clients’ industries.

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Case studies

CLIENT CHALLENGE: A Global Retailer was seeking to optimize its $500+ million dollar (USD) marketing and merchandising budget to increase traffic while driving improved revenues and operating profits. Management had limited metrics on the true impact of marketing, merchandising, operations and external drivers on business performance, which marginalized their ability to develop and successfully execute their business plans.
OUR SOLUTION: MMA’s predictive analytic solution helped quantify the drivers of traffic and sales by category, season, customer segment and market. This approach measured local, regional and national activities, along with the impact of in-store and operations drivers. The solution facilitated cross-functional alignment, driving improved marketing, merchandising and operational ROI by creating forward-looking “what-if scenarios” that accurately simulated and predicted business performance and reinvestment opportunities. Activation work sessions were conducted with marketing, merchandising, operations and finance in order to drive integration and assimilation. A decision support tool enabled the team to identify changes in business drivers, simulate and optimize investment plans, and course-correct throughout the year.
RESULTS: Over a three-year period the Retailer drove a $700 million increase in marketing contribution while at the same time reducing $90 million in marketing spend by shifting dollars from circulars in favor of an increased combination of digital/mobile advertising, direct mail and broad-reach media. The Retailer during the period consistently exceeded revenue and operating profits while improving marketing effectiveness by more than 26%.

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