[WEBINAR] Sustainability: What we know and how you can act

Most corporations now know they need to focus on ways to operate in a more sustainable manner. Technological advances, cultural shifts, economic structures that have been completely overhauled, and monumental threats to the environment are all reshaping the planet as we know it.

The voice of the consumers we are capturing at Ipsos is getting louder and louder on this front, and we see no reason this would change “the day after” the Covid-19 crisis.

Please join us for a complementary webinar dedicated to this major topic:

  • What do consumers expect from companies and institutions?
  • How can we understand the gap between what people are saying and what people are doing?
  • What can we learn from other organisations?

We have combined the archives and synthesised dozens of global research reports, white papers, and expert opinions in order to provide a definitive consumer/citizen POV on the topic of sustainability. Please join us for a complimentary webinar to hear what sustainability is all about in 2020 and beyond.

We will provide an introduction to the issue and discuss its salience in addition to consumer/citizen perceptions and behaviours. We will then discuss who consumers/citizens believe is responsible, and provide a link between a company’s reputation and perception.

Ultimately, we will share a few case studies of ground breaking work that Ipsos is currently doing around the globe in the area of sustainability – and look to advance the ongoing discussion so that we may better serve clients in this fascinating new area.

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Speakers :

  • Natalie Lacey, Public Affairs, US

  • Marion-Anne Cattaneo, Country Service Line Leader, Market & Strategy Understanding, Switzerland

Consumer & Shopper