[EVENT] Approaches for Impulse and Considered Purchases @ARF NxNE

Don’t miss your opportunity to hear Ipsos’ Emmanuel Probst who will take part in a panel discussion exploring the Approaches for Impulse and Considered Purchases.

An impulse purchase is based on “want” vs. “need.” It’s driven by a consumer’s aspiration and often a previously unrecognized desire. Conversely, a considered purchase usually requires research and analysis and a larger investment of time and money. What are the best engagement techniques for both types of purchases? Pre-COVID-19, there were quantifiable points of interaction and frequency, that were considered optimal. How has that changed? How can you effectively differentiate your campaigns based on these goals? The panelists will share their perspectives!

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Speakers :

  • Emmanuel Probst, SVP, Brand Health Tracking and Creative Excellence, US

Consumer & Shopper