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Understanding citizens and societies around the world.

Ipsos has a long history of conducting social research around the world for a wide range of governments and organizations, including associations, advocacy groups, charities and foundations.  Our global network of Ipsos research and program experts provides customized research services to each client, plus syndicated studies on topical issues, helping our clients leverage the most culturally appropriate quantitative and qualitative methodologies for each project.  We have the resources to reach a wide range of respondents, from nationally or internationally representative samples to more specialized samples of key stakeholders and elite audiences.

Ipsos has expertise across a range of international development and public diplomacy program areas including: agriculture, civil society, conflict mitigation, democracy human rights and governance, economic growth and trade, education, finance and economic inclusion, environment and natural resources, human and institutional capacity development, population health and nutrition, gender, international diplomacy and cooperation, and humanitarian and disaster relief.

Ipsos’ Sustainable Development Centre helps track progress towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by making development cooperation more effective, while helping governments improve their policies and services and private companies become more sustainable.


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Ipsos Public Affairs
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