Hispanic Omnibus: Combines High Quality Sampling & Benefits of Online Research

The US Latino Population is expanding at three times the national rate. The opinions, needs, interests and attitudes of 52+ million Latinos are at stake. Their impact on the national polit­ical and economic conversation is growing at a pace commensurate to that of population itself. We are proud to be the only research firm to offer a fully representative read of this complex, dynamic and fascinating population through KnowledgePanel Latino. This online resource accurately reflects all demographic, geographic, linguistic and cultural factors.

Client context

  • Does your organization need high caliber research that will withstand tough scrutiny from the press or other tough audiences, both inside and outside of your organization?
  • Do you need to gather insights that are accurate enough to bet your business on?
  • Do you need a dependable, credible, cost-efficient way to answer business questions fast?

Our Solutions

Our Hispanic Omnibus is the answer. Based on our Knowl­edgePanel Latino, it differs from “opt-in” online panels:

  • To recruit panel members, we use ABS (address-based sampling) as the primary methodology—a probability-based approach that includes US cell phone only households.
  • For non-internet households, we provide internet access and a laptop for the completion of online surveys: Therefore, the sample is not limited to only those who already have internet access.
  • The representativeness of its sample has been docu­mented in numerous academic papers.

KnowledgePanel Latino serves as an excellent alternative to telephone samples. You can project results to the general adult population, so our Hispanic Omnibus is ideal for:

  • Public release opinion polls
  • Proprietary surveys
  • Tracking studies

Schedules & Pricing

  • The Hispanic Omnibus consists of 1,000 US Hispanic/ Latino adults aged 18 or older and currently fields monthly (CAWI) according to the following schedule:
  • Deadline for questions: First Wednesday of the Month
  • Fieldwork: Second Wednesday of the Month for 1 week
  • Results (data tabs): by end of Third week of the month
  • Pricing starts at $1,000 per question unit*
  • Also available: Custom banners, data files, analyses and oversamples

We conduct surveys in either Spanish or English, utilizing our KnowledgePanel Latino. Includes acculturation model.

* A unit is a simple, straightforward, close-ended question, such as yes/no or a checklist of up to 10 response categories, or a rating scale with up to four attribute statements.

 Additional Ipsos Omnibus offerings

  • KnowledgePanel® OmniWeb—Weekly online bus, surveying the general population of 1,000 adults aged 18 and older using KnowledgePanel.
  • GloboBus®—International omnibus fielded in over 50 countries around the world to deliver data consistency through a single point of contact. Methodology varies by country.

To learn more about our new Hispanic Omnibus service—or how Ipsos Omnibus Services can help you gain insights on a wide range of marketing issues, fast and affordably— contact your Ipsos account representative, download this sheet, or use the contact list below:

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